UnderGraduate catalog: 2021/22

Certificate Programs and Courses

All certificate program courses are offered in 9-week terms.

Health Science Certificates

 Certificate in Public Health and Health Services 

C_HS 2711 Health Science 1​
C_ HS 2712 Health Science 2​
C_ HS 3810 Health Systems and Structures
C_ HS 3814 Community Health


Certificate in Human Biology

C_ BIOL 1121 Biology 1 for Health Studies Majors​
C_ BIOL 1122 Biology 2 for Health Studies Majors​
C_ HS 2211 Human Anatomy & Physiology​
C_ HS 2611 Nutrition


Certificate in Epidemiology

C_ HS 3311 Epidemiology​
C_ HS 4510 Biostatistics
C_ BIOL 1121 Biology 1​
C_ HS 3210 Human Diseases​


Certificate in Behavioral Health

C_ HS 3610 Human Development in a Global Perspective​
C_ HS 4241 Psychopathology and Mental Health​
C_ BIOL 1121 Biology 1 for Health Studies Majors​
C_ HS 3814 Community Health​


Business Administration Certificates

Certificate in Finance

C_ BUS 2203 Principles of Finance I
C_ BUS 2204 Personal Finance
C_ BUS 4404 Principles of Finance II


Certificate in Marketing

C_ BUS 2201 Principles of Marketing
C_ BUS 2202 E-commerce
C_ BUS 3302 Consumer Behavior


Certificate in Strategy

C_ BUS 2207 Multinational Management
C_ BUS 3306 Business and Society
C_ BUS 4407 Strategic Management


Certificate in Accounting

C_ BUS 1102 Basic Accounting
C_ BUS 3301 Financial Accounting
C_ BUS 3304 Managerial Accounting


Certificate in Entrepreneurship

C_ BUS 3301 Financial Accounting
C_ BUS 3303 Entrepreneurship I
C_ BUS 4401 Entrepreneurship II