Graduate catalog: 2024/25

Making Our Decision

UoPeople accepts applications to the University five times a year and prospective students may apply for admission to any of the five terms. To be considered for admission, the online application and any required documentation must be received by the relevant application deadlines noted above.

Every application is reviewed by the Office of Admissions to determine an applicant and/or student’s overall readiness to study and ability to successfully complete a degree program. Admittance is at the University’s sole discretion. Meeting minimum admissions requirements does not guarantee acceptance, and decisions are made on an individual basis.

The Admissions Committee reviews applications at least once a term in order to ensure that all applications are processed equally, and that admissions compliance requirements are upheld. UoPeople will announce its decisions on a rolling basis, and all relevant applicants will be informed of their admission status by the final Notice of Admission Day. For more information regarding the Admissions dates please refer to the Admissions Calendar published above.

Applicants and students are invited to contact the Office of Admissions at for the English programs and for the Arabic programs with any questions regarding the admissions process. 

Statement on Application Fraud

The decision to accept an applicant is based in part on the information provided in the application form. If it is determined that an applicant has provided false information or has omitted significant and/or material information, the University reserves the right to revoke the applicant’s admission, suspend the applicant from studies, or take additional steps if deemed appropriate.

Rejected applicants are not provided with a reason for not being admitted to the University. There is no right to appeal. However, applicants may apply again in future terms. At its discretion, the University will review applications from rejected applicants who wish to apply again. All documents are maintained by the University for three years following submission; documentation need not be resubmitted within this time frame unless there has been a change in the University’s admission requirements. Any discovery of misleading submissions will be grounds for automatic denial of the acceptance. Any discovery of misleading submissions after an applicant has been admitted will be grounds for automatic and immediate expulsion from the University.

Licensure and Placement

UoPeople does not guarantee employment for its graduates, nor does it offer a hiring placement service. It makes no claims about potential salaries or about specific positions a student might secure as a result of obtaining an undergraduate degree. Undergraduate degrees are not designed to prepare one for any particular position, trade or field and do not lead to employment where licensure is a prerequisite for practice. 

UoPeople is at times notified about internship opportunities that might come available and works to inform students to the extent possible, but it does not offer an internship placement service. Workshops on topics such as resume development, interview strategies, communication skills, job search techniques and follow-up are offered to Degree Students and the University helps provide links for students in these areas.