UnderGraduate catalog: 2023/24

Graduation Process

    1. Students first need to run a Degree Audit Report in the UoPeople Portal to determine whether they have satisfied the requirements for graduation.
    2. After running the Degree Audit Report, if the student has satisfied all of their graduation requirements, the Graduation Application in the UoPeople Portal will be enabled, and the student will be permitted to submit their Graduation Application.
    3. Graduation Applications may be submitted during the first four weeks of the term. Such requests will be processed between the fifth and eighth week of the term. Graduation Applications received after the fourth week of the term will not be processed until the subsequent term.
        • The student’s name on the Graduation Application must be identical to the way it appears in the University’s student information system. Requests for a name change must be accompanied by legal documentation and sent to services@uopeople.edu for the English programs and student.services@ar.uopeople.edu for the Arabic programs.

    1. Official transcripts and diplomas are sent by regular mail. If a student wishes to have their documents sent via registered mail, such a request must be made prior to or at the same time as the graduation request, and students will incur an extra fee.
    2. Graduation documents will be automatically sent to the address the student enters on the Graduation Application.
        • Please note that students enrolled in a Bachelor’s Degree Program may request to first earn an Associate’s Degree and run the Degree Audit Report for both the Associate and Bachelor’s degree levels. However, students will not be able to request retroactive awarding of the Associate’s Degree once the Bachelor’s Degree has been conferred.

All questions regarding the Graduation Process should be addressed to your personal Program Advisor.

Ordering Transcripts

Students who wish to receive an official transcript showing progress to date may submit this request via the Self Services Portal and pay the transcript processing fee. Once both the completed form and payment of the $15 USD transcript processing fee are received, an official copy of the student’s transcript will be processed and sent within up to 21 business days.

One official University of the People transcript will be provided at no cost to the student upon completion of the degree program. Students who wish to receive additional copies of their transcript following graduation must pay a $15 USD transcript processing fee for each additional transcript.

Students who wish to have their official transcripts mailed to another institution must be sure to complete the third-party request section of the form. Each request to send an official transcript to another institution or organization must be accompanied by the $15 USD transcript processing fee.

Students who wish to receive a second copy of both the Diploma and official transcript must pay $25 USD.

Students may view their unofficial academic record in the UoPeople Portal.

UoPeople Alumni Services

UoPeople graduates are encouraged to keep in touch with Alumni Services at alumni@uopeople.edu for the English programs and alumni@ar.uopeople.edu for the Arabic programs.