UnderGraduate catalog: 2024/25

General Code of Conduct

University of the People has adopted a General Code of Conduct in order to maintain the quality of the learning experience and the cooperative standards of the University’s educational mission. Students are required to follow the General Code of Conduct and act in accordance with it at all times, including complying with the requests of UoPeople officials acting within the scope of their employment responsibilities. All members of the University community are expected to engage in socially responsible behavior, upholding these principles in all areas of academic life, including electronic and other communications.

University of the People strongly values freedom of expression, and encourages diverse viewpoints in an environment where every individual is treated with civility and respect. No member of the UoPeople community is permitted to behave in a way that may be perceived as harassing, offensive or hostile; all members are required to show students, instructional personnel, staff, volunteers, and administrators respect at all times. Harassment, threatening behavior, or deliberate embarrassment of others will not be tolerated and will be considered to be a violation of the General Code of Conduct and grounds for disciplinary action, which may include immediate removal from the course or dismissal from the University at large. Solicitation of course instructors, University personnel, alumni and/or other students for financial assistance or business enterprises are expressly prohibited.