Graduate catalog: 2024/25

The Curriculum

The UoPeople MBA is entirely online and is structured around three curricular components:  Core Courses, Electives, and the Capstone Project. The three components are described below.

Core Courses

The Core consists of eight courses covering the theory, principles, concepts, and tools of the academic disciplines that undergird the field of management. Taught from a global perspective, they build the competencies that students need whether they are involved in the private, public or nonprofit sector.

      • BUS 5110 Managerial Accounting
      • BUS 5111 Financial Management
      • BUS 5112 Marketing Management (Identity Verification Course)
      • BUS 5113 Organizational Theory and Behavior
      • BUS 5114 Management Information Systems and Technology
      • BUS 5115 Business Law, Ethics and Social Responsibility (Identity Verification Course)
      • BUS 5116 Operations Management
      • BUS 5117 Strategic Decision Making and Management (Identity Verification Course)


Students choose electives to reflect individual interests.  Choices can be made to gain breadth in general management competencies or to develop depth in some particular area.  Students complete at least three elective courses chosen from the following:

      • BUS 5211 Managing in the Global Economy
      • BUS 5411 Leading in Today’s Dynamic Contexts
      • BUS 5511 Human Resource Management
      • BUS 5611 Managing Projects and Programs

Capstone Project

The Capstone Project, BUS 5910 Management Capstone (Identity Verification Course), is completed as the final course in a student’s program of study. It offers student the opportunity to apply the knowledge and research skills gained in their MBA coursework to an applied management project. Students present a final research product at the conclusion of the course.

Learning Pathway

The learning pathway for your program has been curated to create the best learning experience for each student. For the most effective way to learn, courses need to be taken in the right sequence; lower-level courses prepare students with the foundational knowledge they need for higher level courses.  This allows students to learn in order to better achieve the program and institutional learning outcomes.


Each student’s learning pathway is customized based on the courses the student has already taken and the degree requirements at the time of enrollment. For this reason, your path may differ from another student’s path. However, here is an example of sequence a student with no previous classes or transfer credits may take through the Master of Business Administration program:

  1. BUS 5113 Organizational Theory and Behavior
  2. BUS 5112 Marketing Management
  3. BUS 5110 Managerial Accounting
  4. Elective Course
  5. BUS 5111 Financial Accounting
  6. BUS 5114 Management Information Systems and Technology
  7. BUS 5115 Business Law, Ethics and Social Responsibility
  8. Elective Course
  9. BUS 5116 Operations Management
  10. BUS 5117 Strategic Decision Making and Management
  11. Elective Course
  12. BUS 5910 Capstone

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