UnderGraduate catalog: 2021/22


Only existing students of UoPeople Arabic who wish to improve their English may apply to this program at this time. 

Students will be required to provide a recent English test score, taken within the last five years, from one of the following: 

– Accuplacer
– Duolingo

Those who are unable to provide a recent English test score are required to take an online English placement test with Duolingo as part of the application process, which costs $50 USD. 

Program Structure 

The ESL program is comprised of 8 different levels of proficiency that go from A0 up to B2. The first two levels of the program will have a mix of Arabic and English, designed for those just beginning to study the English language. 

Once students provide their English test score, or take the Duolingo placement test, we will be able to determine the English proficiency level and place each student at the relevant level according to their test score. As such, students may not need to go through all eight levels of the program. 

The ESL program is a non-degree program, so it will not count toward your total credits for earning your degree. It will, however, give you the chance to continue your studies towards your Bachelor’s Degree at UoPeople in English by improving your English. 

This program was designed specifically for non-English speakers to equip them with the skills necessary to study at a university level in English. This means that, upon the completion of the program, you will be able to apply to any UoPeople English program and continue your studies towards a higher degree. 



    • Provide English test score (taken within past 5 years) 

Each course serves as a prerequisite for the following course.  Students may move on to the next level after successfully completing their current level.



              ENGL 0001 Beginner English 1 

              ENGL 0002 Beginner English 2 

              ENGL 0003 Elementary English 1 

              ENGL 0004 Elementary English 2 

              ENGL 0005 Pre-Intermediate English 1 

              ENGL 0006 Pre-Intermediate English 2 

              ENGL 0007 Intermediate English 1 (EAP) 

              ENGL 0008 Intermediate English 2 (EAP)