UnderGraduate catalog: 2023/24

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BS-CS)

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BS-CS) program provides students with in-depth knowledge and analytical skills associated with the design, development, testing and documentation of a range of operating systems; database management; and programming languages. With computers found in every aspect of today’s society, students completing the Bachelor of Science Degree are prepared for a range of options, including continued study in the field at the graduate level.

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science must complete all required courses in their chosen major as outlined below.


Students must pass the following prerequisites before they can begin taking courses in the major:

MATH 1201 College Algebra
MATH 1280 Introduction to Statistics
CS 1101 Programming Fundamentals
CS 1102 Programming 1
CS 1103 Programming 2
CS 1104 Computer Systems
CS 2203 Databases 1
CS 2204 Communications and Networking
CS 2205 Web Programming 1 (proctored course)
CS 2301 Operating Systems 1 (proctored course)
CS 2401 Software Engineering 1
CS 3303 Data Structures (Proctored course)
CS 3305 Web Programming 2 (Proctored course)
CS 3306 Databases 2 (proctored course)
CS 3307 Operating Systems 2 (proctored course)
CS 4402 Comparative Programming Languages (proctored course)
CS 4407 Data Mining and Machine Learning (proctored course)
MATH 1302 Discrete Mathematics
MATH 1211 Calculus


CS 3304 Analysis of Algorithms
CS 3308 Information Retrieval
CS 4403 Software Engineering 2
CS 4404 Advanced Networking and Data Security
CS 4405 Mobile Applications
CS 4406 Computer Graphics
CS 4408 Artificial Intelligence

Other Electives:  Students pursuing an Associate of Science degree may choose additional elective courses beyond those specified in the General Education requirements, and/or select introductory courses in other majors, and/or take additional courses in a student’s major that may not be required for the degree.

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