UnderGraduate catalog: 2022/23

Late Work

Late work is not permitted at UoPeople unless there is an exceptional personal circumstance/illness (clear, documented proof is required), or a systemic Moodle site technical error. Documented proof of an exceptional, extended systemic city/region-wide power outage is required to be considered for late work to be considered. Extensions are not guaranteed for students experiencing random power outages or lapses in computer/Internet access prior to assignment deadlines.

Students are strongly encouraged to submit their work as early as possible to avoid such unfortunate circumstances.

Access to Previous Coursework

Students should be aware that University of the People does not provide access to courses, including students’ own contributions to their courses, beyond the current term. Following the first week after unofficial grades are posted within Moodle, access to the previous term’s courses is discontinued. Students are advised to save all of their work on their computers in case they want to access it at a later date.

All UoPeople course readings are available to enrolled UoPeople students in the Online Syllabi Repository (OSR) on the Moodle homepage. The repository may assist students in preparing for a prospective course, or referencing and reviewing course materials after completing a course.

I moved to Saudi Arabia from Syria as a refugee. I believe my degree from UoPeople will help me to improve my career and project management experience

Abdulkarim Al Shihna
MBA Student, Saudi Arabia