UnderGraduate catalog: 2023/24

Total Estimated Fees

Total estimated fees for a degree program taken entirely at University of the People are listed below.  Fees may be less if a Degree Student has had transfer credit officially recorded on his or her transcript.

The University reserves the right to charge optional or special fees, upon reasonable notice to students, in future terms. There are no optional or special fees for students at the undergraduate level at present. The costs reflected below are for those who saved their spot after January 20, 2024. Students should refer to their Enrollment Agreement for more details. 


Application Fee

Assessment Fee (per course)

Number of Courses

Total Estimated Fees

Business Administration – A.S. Degree $60 $140 20 $2,860
Business Administration – B.S. Degree $60 $140 40 $5,660
Computer Science – A.S. Degree $60 $140 20 $2,860
Computer Science – B.S. Degree $60 $140 40 $5,660
Health Science – A.S. Degree $60 $140 20 $2,860
Health Science B.S. Degree  $60  $140  39  $5,520 
Certificate Program Courses $60 $200 Varies Varies
English Second Language $100 $130 Varies Varies

These estimated fees are based on the successful completion of all courses for an undergraduate degree at UoPeople and do not include:

      • Fees incurred for repeating courses: students who are required to repeat courses will incur an additional Assessment Fee for each course taken.
      • Assessment Fees for courses in the ESL Program (if required) are $130.
      • Any additional fees that may be required for third party evaluation.

Please note that University of the People does not charge for attendance and as such, there are no charges incurred for a period of attendance.

The University reserves the right to change the cost of the Application Fee, the transfer credit Evaluation Fee, and the Assessment Fee. The amount of the Assessment Fee will be reviewed annually, and changes to the fee amount may be made. Students will be notified any changes to the Assessment Fees in advance.


      • Payments methods for any of the fees include online avenues, such as a PayPal account or as a guest for payments via credit card, and offline avenues, such as Convera, Money Gram, Convera Global Pay, or cashier’s check. All questions regarding payment options should be directed to payments@uopeople.edu for the English programs and payments@ar.uopeople.edu for the Arabic programs.
      • Students pay for their Assessment Fees when the drop/withdrawal period is over. All outstanding balances for Assessment Fees must be paid by the end of the final exam period.
      • Students in Certificate programs must pay the Course Assessment Fee prior to the start of the term. 
      • If the Assessment Fee has not been paid by the end of the University’s final examination period, a financial hold will be placed on the student’s file. When this occurs, course registrations for the upcoming term will be cancelled and the student will not be permitted to register for or to continue taking courses until all outstanding payments have been made and the hold is removed. If all outstanding balances for Assessment Fees are paid before the end of late registration, students may be able to register themselves for courses during late registration and continue with their studies. Students who paid but did not register themselves to courses will remain on hold until the next term. Students may be on a financial hold for up to five (5) terms; by the start of the sixth (6th) term if any outstanding payment is still due, the student will be administratively withdrawn from UoPeople. A student may request re-enrollment or reinstatement to the University, or apply for academic renewal, but only after any overdue payments are made in full.
      • Students are encouraged to plan, anticipate, and budget for all Assessment Fee payments to avoid interruption of their academic schedule. Students unable to pay their Assessment Fees may request financial aid or be required to put their studies on hold while they secure additional funding. If the student needs to put his or her studies on hold while securing additional funding beyond whatever UoPeople’s financial aid they may have been awarded, the student should apply for a Leave of Absence (LOA) from the University.
      • Students may review outstanding balances and payments due to the University. All clarifications, questions, and requests for assistance regarding how to make payments should be directed to the Payments Office at payments@uopeople.edu for the English programs and payments@ar.uopeople.edu for the Arabic programs.


Students who drop or withdraw from a course within the required deadline are not required to pay the Assessment Fee.

The Application Fee is nonrefundable except in instances when applicants withdraw their application for admission before an admissions decision is made. Applicants may write a formal request for a refund of the Application Fee to their personal advisor. If approved, refunds will be available to the applicant within 30 days of the submission of the formal request and the refund will be issued using the same payment method used by the applicant to pay the fee.

Students who remain in their course beyond the course withdrawal deadline are not eligible for a refund of the Assessment Fee. The Assessment Fee is only refundable in instances where the University has canceled a student’s course or if the student’s work was not assessed at all during the course.

Applicants residing in Georgia, USA may request a refund for all monies, including non-refundable application fees if requested within three (3) business days after making a payment.

Applicants residing in Wisconsin, USA may request a refund in accordance with Wis. Admin. Code SPS § SPS 408.05.