UnderGraduate catalog: 2023/24

Associate’s Degree Graduates Returning for the Bachelor’s Degree

Students who graduated from UoPeople with an Associate’s Degree, took time away from the institution, and now wish to pursue the Bachelor’s Degree may do so under certain conditions. They must be in good standing with UoPeople both academically and behaviorally and may only continue in the same major program of study as that of their Associate’s Degree. Graduates who request to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree within 15 terms of completing their last Associate’s Degree requirement at UoPeople may complete a Request for Academic Continuation through the Office of Student Services at student.services@uopeople.edu for the English programs and student.services@ar.uopeople.edu for the Arabic Division. Graduates who are beyond 15 terms must reapply for admission to the University and pay the Application Fee.

Students who had scholarship support at the time that they were enrolled for their Associate’s Degree, and who wish to be considered for further financial support, are required to reapply for financial assistance by contacting the Financial Aid Office at financial.aid@uopeople.edu for the English programs and financial.aid@ar.uopeople.edu for the Arabic Division.

This is currently only applicable for our English programs.

Being a part of UoPeople means that I am a part of a giant community with wonderful, unique, and great people from all over the world

Dragana Jelic
Education Student, United Arab Emirates