UnderGraduate catalog: 2023/24

Undergraduate Admissions

University of the People is an online institution that offers programs to qualified individuals 16 years old or older from all over the world, both from English-speaking and from non-English-speaking countries. UoPeople’s online programs are designed for self-motivated learners, and admissions decisions are based on a rigorous assessment of an applicant’s potential for successful completion of the desired degree program.

Because applicants may have had many experiences since graduating from high school, their high school record and the scores they might have earned on college entrance exams may not be the best indicators of their preparedness for college-level work. More important to success in UoPeople’s online degree programs is actual performance. Is the person a self-starter?  Can they work both independently and in groups?  Do they know how to manage their time?  Is online education for them?  Does UoPeople’s pedagogical model with fit their learning style?  Will they persist and complete their courses and earn passing grades?

UoPeople has designed a 2-step application pathway that helps the applicant and the institution answer all of these questions. And, it does this while allowing applicants to begin taking classes. First, applicants complete a fairly simple, straightforward online application (described below). After meeting these requirements, they can be accepted to begin studying in UoPeople Foundations as early as the very next term. While they are taking their first few courses in UoPeople Foundations, they complete the second part of the admissions process (described below). Those who successfully complete their courses may then be accepted to be Degree Seeking Students. In general, courses taken can be accepted for credit towards one’s degree program after being accepted as a Degree Seeking Student (DSS), so no time is lost on the path towards a degree.

UoPeople is committed to ensuring that each and every applicant to its courses and programs is individually assessed, without partiality. Detailed selection criteria may vary from program to program. During the selection process, every applicant is considered individually using all the information available to us. This includes an applicant’s academic records, test results (if any), and any additional information given during the application process. UoPeople is committed to equal opportunity and does not discriminate on the basis of nationality, race, religion, gender, class, age, or sexual orientation. We believe that a diverse student population is important from an educational and social perspective and enhances the educational experience for all. To this end, UoPeople encourages applications from groups that are, at present, underrepresented in our university.