Graduate catalog: 2023/24

University Offices

Financial Aid Office

The Financial Aid Office reviews and processes requests from applicants seeking grants to help with the Application Fee and from applicants and enrollees seeking scholarship support to assist with the Assessment Fees. The Financial Aid Office can be reached at

Office of Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs oversees all aspects of the curriculum with a primary commitment to creating a dynamic atmosphere for student learning and success. In assisting students with advice pertaining to their academic studies and information regarding academic policies and procedures, Academic Affairs provides guidance and leadership to assist students in solving academic-related problems within their courses, including such things as peer assessment issues, communication with Course Instructors, and other general course-related issues.

UoPeople Course Instructors are available to students via email throughout the academic year and students who have academic-related questions should contact their Course Instructor first. Instructors respond to students within 72 hours and usually sooner. Students who have not heard back from their Course Instructor within 48 hours should contact their personal Program Advisor for additional support.

Peer Assessment Office (PAO)

The Peer Assessment Office (PAO) is a resource center for students at the University in Moodle devoted to supporting students as they navigate the peer-to-peer learning and assessment processes. Peer Assessment Advisors and Peer Assessment Student Advisors are available to help students to become more proficient in the processes at UoPeople.

Degree Seeking Students are invited to participate in the PAO, and participants are required to follow all the rules and regulations outlined in the Catalog and posted in the PAO. Inappropriate postings violating the General Code of Conduct and/or the Code of Academic Integrity will be removed from the PAO, and students with repeated violations will no longer be given access to the center. All violations are grounds for disciplinary action.

The PAO is accessed via the Moodle homepage and is listed as a course; participation, however, is optional at all times. Students who do not wish to have access to the PAO may send this request to the Office of Academic Affairs at

Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs ( oversees the review of Satisfactory

Academic Progress, the naming of students to the President’s, Dean’s and Honor’s List, UoPeople Partnership nominations, and supports students who may be encountering or anticipating academic difficulties, or may require special assistance in completing their requirements for graduation.

Office of Student Services

The Office of Student Services ( forms part of a comprehensive network of services at the University designed to support and help students throughout their studies. Student Services maintains all student records and supports students with both administrative and academic services in consultation with other offices in the University, responsibly implementing university policies and procedures, degree audits, and the conferment of university degrees.

Office of Admissions

The Office of Admissions oversees the admissions process for prospective and current applicants to the University, including the processing of all applications for admission to UoPeople’s degree programs. Providing assistance and guidance regarding all admissions requirements, the Office of Admissions answers questions regarding prospective students’ applications and provides updates on their applicant status. More information about the admissions process can be found in Chapter 3; interested parties can reach the Office of Admissions at

Outreach Office

The Outreach Department works hard to ensure that applicants around the world are able to access the opportunities UoPeople offers to study online, accredited and tuition-free. The Outreach Office can be reached at

Payments Office

The Payment Office oversees the processing of payments for both Application and Assessment Fees at UoPeople. Also working in conjunction with the Financial Aid Office, the Payments Office processes and reconciles scholarship payments for students unable to pay Assessment Fees.

For questions regarding payments including payment methods, amounts payable, and payment deadlines, applicants and students may contact the Payments Office at

Program Advising Office

The Program Advising Office is designed to be a partnership between Program Advisors and students whereby every incoming student is assigned a personal Program Advisor who remains their single point of contact for academic and administrative support throughout their studies at UoPeople. Program Advisors work with students at University of the People to answer questions and respond to concerns about academic progress, goals in attaining their degrees from the University, and challenges and decisions that need to be made throughout their academic studies.

Students may reach out to their personal Program Advisor as often as needed, but are advised to be in touch at least once a year to monitor degree progress; Program Advisors can be reached at their personal email address or at


UoPeople does not currently offer the following services:  Student ID cards, a graduation ceremony, or counseling services.