Graduate catalog: 2023/24

Student Verification

The process of verifying a student’s identity begins during the application process. The Office of Admissions requires that all academic documents must either be original or notarized. Notarizations are accepted if authenticated by the issuing institution, a notary public, or the Ministry of Education.

In cases where there are inconsistencies with documentation, applicants are asked to supply additional information. UoPeople levies no charges associated with verifying student identity.

Review of Documentation

Any document submitted in any part of the admissions process may be reviewed by relevant institutions, including the institution issuing the documentation and/or by an established foreign evaluation service that can establish degree comparability. Approved credential evaluation services are current members of NACES or AICE. The University may also accept evaluations from other credible sources, and students are welcome to check with the Office of Admissions at for the English programs and for the Arabic programs for further information.