UnderGraduate catalog: 2023/24

Diversity and Inclusivity Policies

University of the People is strongly committed to furthering the academic success and the general development of its diverse and international student body. University of the People works to promote a learning environment characterized by inclusiveness, values awareness and an understanding of one another’s differences and similarities, and strives to treat all with dignity and respect. The institution is committed to multiculturalism and to advancing its mission of being an inclusive community that makes its academic programs, educational services, and employment opportunities available to all qualified individuals.

Non-Discrimination Policy

University of the People does not discriminate on any basis and is committed to equality of opportunity. Discrimination is defined as (1) treating members of a protected class less favorably because of their membership in that class or (2) having a policy or practice that has a disproportionately adverse impact on protected class members. University of the People will not engage in discrimination and prohibits all forms of harassment in its educational and employment programs, policies, practices, or procedures on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation including gender identity, and veteran status. The University will comply with all federal and state non-discrimination, equal opportunity and affirmative action laws, orders and regulations. This non-discrimination policy applies to admissions, employment, access to and treatment in University programs and activities.

Disability Policy

University of the People recognizes and accepts its obligations to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified disabled students in its educational programs.

Applicants with questions about disability accommodations should confer with their Admissions Advisor.

Students accepted to the University with a disability requiring reasonable academic accommodations may submit a Disability Accommodation application to their Program Advisor and it will be directed to the Disability Services Committee. Students will receive written notification by the Office of Student Services of accommodations offered and/or denied within two weeks of submitting a completed request and supporting materials.

UoPeople is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of all student records related to requests for disability accommodations.