UnderGraduate catalog: 2021/22

English Second Language (ESL)

As part of the University’s mission to offer affordable, quality, online degree programs to any student, we are excited to launch the ESL (English Second Language) program! This new program aims to help our Arabic students improve their English language abilities and to equip them with English proficiency at an academic level, allowing them to be successful in their studies.

The program will be available to any existing students of UoPeople Arabic who wish to improve their English. The program is comprised of eight levels of proficiency (A0 – B2), and Arabic-speaking students who attain the B2 level of proficiency will be eligible to continue their studies at UoPeople in English and work towards obtaining their Bachelor’s degree in English.

This is a non-degree, non-credit bearing program that is designed to improve English-language proficiency.

We believe that strong language and communication skills can create many opportunities for students and graduates beyond the University. By offering students the opportunity to study towards a degree in English, we are preparing our students for the international job market, as well as providing them with an essential tool for building their professional careers – particularly for refugees who are integrating into new societies. The program also gives the Arabic student population an excellent opportunity to participate in the UoPeople global community, enriching the diversity of the student population.