Graduate catalog: 2023/24

Grade Appeals

Students who believe they have been graded unfairly may appeal their final course grades. Students appealing a grade should note that the burden of proof in challenging a grade rests with the student. For a change in grade to be recommended, a student must make a compelling case that the grade originally given was unjustly or unfairly awarded.

      1. To appeal a grade, students must contact their Course Instructor online within fourteen days of the last day of the term. This discussion is intended to provide the Course Instructor an opportunity to explain the basis for the grade and verify it, or to review and correct an error in grading.
      2. Course Instructors who decide to change the student’s grade must inform the Office of Academic Affairs and submit the corrected grade. The Course Instructor has the discretion to increase, decrease, or leave the student’s final grade as is in response to a Grade Appeal. The Office of Student Services will update the student’s academic record and recalculate the student’s cumulative GPA accordingly.
      3. If the student and the Course Instructor are unable to reach a resolution, the student may request a Grade Appeal form from their personal Program Advisor. The completed form must be submitted by the Program Advisor to the Office of Academic Affairs at no later than 30 days after the last day of the term. Late appeals will not be accepted.
      4. Submitted Grade Appeals will be reviewed by the Office of Academic Affairs and processed by the Office of Student Services.
      5. Grade Appeals are reviewed by the Academic Department, re-enreand students are informed in writing of the Department’s decision by the Office of Student Services. Decisions rendered by the Department  are final and binding.  If student can show evidence that the grade is based on something other than academic reasoning, they should contact Student Services for further guidance on the Appeals Committee.

Notes on the Registration Process

The University of the People endeavors to fulfill all registration requests. In considering how many courses to take each term, students are reminded that they should carefully consider their other time commitments outside of the University when building their schedules, as each course requires a minimum of 15 hours of study per week; budgeting up to 17 hours a week per course is highly advisable.