Graduate catalog: 2023/24

Leave of Absence (LOA)

Students not planning to register for classes during an upcoming term are required to request a leave of absence (LOA) via the Self-Services Portal ( using the online form. Students have until one (1) week before the term begins to make this request.[15]

Students cannot apply for a leave of absence after the term begins, and do not need to apply for a leave of absence if they drop and/or withdraw and/or are granted an administrative course withdrawal from all courses during a term; it will be counted as an inactive term for the student.

Students may be granted an administrative leave if they did not register for courses nor did they apply for a leave of absence but they are still entitled to additional leaves under the inactive policy above.

Students are encouraged to learn and comply with all LOA procedures; failure to comply with the LOA policy is grounds for University administrative actions including administrative withdrawal from UoPeople.

Notes about a Leave of Absence
      • Students must complete all requirements for Graduate programs of study in no more than 25 terms of active enrollment after the student’s initial matriculation in the graduate degree program
      • Questions about applying for a LOA may be directed to a student’s personal Program Advisor.
      • Any approved leave of absence from the University will be revoked for students who are dismissed or suspended.
      • Students granted a leave of absence while on Academic Probation, or Probation Continued will return to their studies with the same status.
      • Students returning from an academic or disciplinary suspension are eligible to request a leave of absence before returning to their studies.
Special note to Graduating Students on Applying for a LOA:  

Before the end of the registration period during the term in which they will complete all requirements for the degree, students should apply for a LOA for the upcoming term and for each subsequent term until their degree is conferred by the University.

[15] The University reserves the right to request supporting documentation for any leave of absence. University of the People’s decision to grant or refuse a request for a leave of absence will be final and binding.

My favorite moment at #UoPeople was when my advisor, Shireen Zawahreh, e-mailed me to check why I was absent for three days! I felt like I was more than just a number, and that positively affected my motivation to give everything to UoPeople

Habib Zreik
Computer Science Student, Syria