UnderGraduate catalog: 2021/22

Advisory Boards

Business Administration

Dr. Russell S. Winer
New York University, Chair

Dr. Ogechi Adeola
Lagos Business School

Dr. Youssef Bissada

Dr. Youssef Bissada
Professor Emeritus of Entrepreneurship and Family Business, INSEAD

Ms. Reem Bsaiso

Ms. Reem Bsaiso
Senior International Consultant, Knowledge Economy for Human

Ms. Mary Chan

Ms. Mary Chan
Managing Director, First Republic Bank

Prof. Kriengsak Charoenwongsak
Harvard University

Dr. Maha ElShinnawy

Dr. Maha ElShinnawy
Professor of Leadership and Ethics, The American University in Cairo

Vikram Gandhi

Mr. Vikram Gandhi
Senior Lecturer, Harvard Business School

Mr. John Gerzema

Mr. John Gerzema
Co-CEO, Harris Insights & Analytics

Dr. Barbara Kahn
The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Mr. Aref Lahham

Mr. Aref Lahham
CEO and co-founder, Orion Capital Managers

Mr. Ken Marlin
Marlin & Associates

Mr. Brett Prescott

Mr. Brett Prescott
Director, Global Client Partnerships, Facebook

Mr. Daniel Weinberg

Mr. Daniel Weinberg
Chairman, Kenetic

Ms. Toby Winer
Financial Consultant

Computer Science

Dr. Alexander Tuzhilin
Dean, Computer Science, NYU

Dr. Vijay Atluri
Professor of Computer Information Systems, Rutgers University

Professor Justine Cassell

Professor Justine Cassell
Professor Human-Computer Interaction Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

Dr. Shay David
Co-founder and CEO, Retrain.ai

Dr. Barry Dwolatzky
Professor of Electrical Engineering, Wits University

Dr. Shawndra Hill

Dr. Shawndra Hill
Principal Scientist, Facebook

Dr. H.V. Jagadish
Collegiate Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of Michigan

Dr. Vincent Oria
Professor of Computer Science, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Dr. Avi Silberschatz
Yale University

Dr. Albert Wenger
General Partner, Union Square Ventures

Ms. Gabriele Zedlmayer
Former CPO, HP and President, Women’s Council at HypoVereinsbank Unicredit

Health Science

Dr. Dalton Conley
Dean, Health Science, Princeton University

Mr. Stanley Bergman
Chairman of the Board and CEO, Henry Schein, Inc.

Dr. Mark R. Cullen
Internal Medicine and Clinical Epidemiology, Stanford University

Dr. Terry Fulmer
President, The John A. Hartford Foundation

Dr. Helena Hansen
Professor of Anthropology and Psychiatry, New York University

Dr. Darcy Brisbane Kelley
Professor of Biological Sciences, Columbia University

Kedar S. Mate, M.D.

Kedar S. Mate, M.D.
Chief Innovation and Education Officer, Weill Cornell Medical College

Dr. Giovanna Merli
Duke University

Patricia M. Davidson

Patricia M. Davidson
Vice-Chancellor and Principal, University of Wollongong

Dr. Torsten N. Wiesel
President Emeritus, The Rockefeller University


Dr. James W. Fraser
Dean, Education in Advanced Teaching, NYU

Dr. Gavin Dykes
Program Director for the Education World Forum

David Harman

David Harman
Professor of Education at Bard College

Dr. Conrad Hughes
Campus and Secondary Principal at the International School of Geneva

Sally Holloway

Sally Holloway
Deputy Director General of the International Baccalaureate

Dr. Siva Kumari
Director General,
International Baccalaureate

Dr. Arthur Levine
President of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation

Dr. Teboho Moja

Dr. Teboho Moja
Professor of Higher Education at New York University

Dr. Hannele Niemi
Research Director at the University of Helsinki

Dr. Roy Pea
Stanford University’s David Jacks Professor of Education and Learning Sciences

Dr. Claude Steele
Professor of Psychology at Stanford University

Mr. David M. Thomas
Member and Chair of the High School Department of History at Trevor Day School

Dr. Eduard Vallory
Chairman of Unescocat

Dr. Esther Wojcicki
Co-Founder of Google Education
CEO of the Global Moonshots in Education

Library Services

Dr. Carla James-Jackson

Dr. Carla James-Jackson
Director of Library Services

Ms. Ilene Frank
Adjunct Librarian, Hillsborough Community College

Ms. Laura Brown
Executive Vice President of ITHAKA

Mr. S. Blair Kauffman
Law Librarian and Professor of Law,
Yale Law School

Dr. Emily Knox

Dr. Emily Knox
Associate Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Mr. Jim Michalko

Mr. Jim Michalko
Senior Strategist, Open Libraries, The Internet Archive

Mr. James G. Neal
Vice President for Information Services & University Librarian, Columbia University

Ms. Loretta Parham

Ms. Loretta Parham
CEO & Library Director of the Atlanta University Center, Inc. Woodruff Library

Ms. Alexandra Rivera

Ms. Alexandra Rivera
Student Success and Community Engagement Librarian, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Library

Ms. Ellen Tise
Senior Director, Library & Information Services, Stellenbosch University,
South Africa

Ms. Lizabeth (Betsy) Wilson
Vice Provost for Digital Initiatives and Dean of University Libraries,
University of Washington