UnderGraduate catalog: 2023/24

Policies & Processes

Students in UoPeople Arabic programs are permitted to take ESL courses in addition to the course load allowed for other UoPeople programs
Students may repeat each course up to 3 times, with the exception of course number 8 (ENGL 0008 Intermediate English 2 (EAP)) which may be repeated twice.

A grade of a “C” or better is considered a passing grade for courses 1-7. A grade of a “C” or better and at least a 50% on the final exam is considered a passing grade for course 8. Both conditions must be met to achieve proficiency in course 8.

Given that the ESL program is a non-accredited, non-degree program, it is excluded from the student recognition for GPA achievements (i.e., President’s List, Dean’s List, Honor’s List).

As the ESL is a non-degree program, graduation documents, including diplomas and certificates are not issued. However, students will be able to download a letter of completion for each completed course in the UoPeople Portal, for their personal records, including a test score of the program’s final exam which may be used as English proficiency evidence for other institutions.