UnderGraduate catalog: 2020/21 term 1

Policies & Processes

Students are permitted to study in this program while studying in another UoPeople program or while taking other UoPeople courses.

Students are permitted to take ELL courses in addition to the course load allowed for other UoPeople courses and programs.

Students may repeat each course up to 3 times, with the exception of course number 8 (ENGL 0008 Intermediate English 2 (EAP)) which may be repeated twice.

A grade of a “C” or better is considered a passing grade for courses 1-7. A grade of a “B-” or better is considered a passing grade for course 8.

Given that the English Language Learning program is a non-accredited non-degree program, it is excluded from the student recognition for GPA achievements (i.e., President’s List, Dean’s List, Honor’s List).

The ELL is a non-degree program, therefore graduation documents, including diplomas and certificates are not issued for this program. Nevertheless, students will be able to download a letter of completion for each completed course in the UoPeople Portal, for their personal records.