Graduate catalog: 2024/25

Graduate Program of Study

Institutional Learning Outcomes

Consistent with its mission, UoPeople has identified a set of institutional learning outcomes that should be addressed in every degree program. The Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILO) are developed both in the classroom and co-curricular environment. Our ILO defines the broad areas of knowledge, skills, abilities, and values that graduates from the University of the People are expected to develop because of learning in the classroom and co-curricular activities.

University of the People Institutional Learning Outcomes are:

Outcome 1: Communication Fluency
Students will be able to demonstrate the use of clear, well-organized arguments and credible supporting evidence in a logical and organized manner; and execute proper delivery techniques to convey a clear message

Outcome 2: Quantitative Reasoning
Students will be able to use quantitative reasoning and/or mathematical methods to solve problems.

Outcome 3: Technological Literacy
Students will be able to identify, allocate, and utilize technology resources effectively to be able to acquire the skills to function in today’s highly technical society and to perform in their chosen field.

Outcome 4: Diversity and Inclusion
Students will be able to apply knowledge of diversity and multicultural competencies to promote equity and social justice. Students will be able to recognize the cultures and beliefs of the world that have shaped contemporary global experience and influence the ways in which people see the world.

Outcome 5: Collaboration
Students will be able to work collaboratively to foster a constructive team climate.