Graduate catalog: 2023/24

Academic Waiver Policy

Students may petition for a waiver of an academic policy when they have extenuating circumstances or experiences.  Petitions must be made 45 days prior to the term start when it will be effective.  Students must file a written petition to the Student Affairs Committee including a clear description of the basis of the petition and any documentation to support their request or mitigating circumstances.

All petitions should be sent to the student’s Program Advisor, who will forward it to the Office of Student Services at and will then be directed to the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs who will decide if the petition is valid and has merit.  If so, he/she will forward it to the Student Affairs Committee. Once the appeal is submitted, students will receive a confirmation email within one week from the Office of Student Services and a final decision about the appeal within six weeks of the submission of their petition. Decisions rendered by the Committee are final and binding.

If the petition is granted, the Office of Student Services will process the appropriate action.