Graduate catalog: 2023/24

Matriculation Policies

Students who wish to withdraw from UoPeople must submit their request via the Self-Services Portal. Their request will be reviewed and processed by the Office of Student Services.

Students who have left the institution, and later seek to return to study, are required to re-apply for admission and to pay the Application Fee, and/or the Assessment Fees then in effect if they have been out of residence for more than 15 terms. Out of residence refers to the number of terms that a student has been inactive at the University— either unenrolled from the institution and/or enrolled at UoPeople without completing any course work in the intervening terms (that is, enrolled but inactive).

Administrative Withdrawals

Students will be administratively withdrawn from UoPeople if they fail to comply with University policies and procedures. Students who fail to apply for a LOA and do not register for classes, and/or exceed the maximum number of inactive terms, either consecutively or in an academic year, will be administratively withdrawn from the University.

      • Students who have been administratively withdrawn are required to submit a request for re-enrollment, reinstatement or academic renewal, depending on the number of consecutive terms that the student has been out of residence. The request should be submitted via the Self-Services Portal and will be reviewed by the office of Student Services.
      • Students who are administratively withdrawn on more than two occasions will not be allowed to return to their studies for a minimum of five (5) terms. Requests to return from these students will be sent to the Student Affairs committee for a determination of whether or not to allow them to resume their studies.

Re-enrollment, Reinstatement, Academic Renewal Guidelines

Students who have studied with UoPeople and stopped for any reason and now wish to rejoin the University should refer to the chart below. 

At UoPeople, if a student stopped their studies and would like to return at a later date they can return via Re-enrollment/Reinstatement or Academic Renewal depending on the length of time they have been away. Students will need to pay any overdue fees before they can return. To begin the process of Re-enrollment/Reinstatement or Academic Renewal students simply need to re-apply in the UoPeople Portal.

Take a look at the chart below for important information concerning Re-enrollment/Reinstatement and Academic Renewal.

Time Away Application Fee Required? Important Details
Re-enrollment/Reinstatement  2 years or less  

(1 – 15 terms)  

Not Required   Students who were dismissed via Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) or did not meet Foundations Requirements must wait at least one year to return. Students who were dismissed due to suspension must wait their full suspension period before returning.  



Academic Renewal  3 years or more  

(16+ terms)  

$60 Academic Renewal Fee Required (not applicable for grants)   Students will be placed in the most current version of their program. For example.) If a student was previously in our older program, English Foundations, they will now be in the current English as a Second Language (ESL) Undergraduate program.  


Orientation will need to be re-taken if the student did not graduate.