UnderGraduate catalog: 2022/23

Grading Policies and Practices

The University insures that students are issued grades in a timely fashion and that grades are determined in a manner that is accurate, fair, and consistently applied in accord with established standards. While the University aims to respond to student work product as efficiently as possible, certain assignments, projects, and other related assessments may take up to two weeks to be reviewed and/or graded by the UoPeople Faculty.

At the conclusion of each term of study, students may check their grades in their unofficial academic record in the UoPeople Portal. Since the unofficial academic record is a permanent record of a student’s academic performance, including course selections, grades, and credits earned toward a degree, it must be correct at all times. Students who believe an error has been made on their academic records should contact their Program Advisor.

Students are encouraged to speak to their Course Instructors if they wish further clarification of their grades, would like to discuss their assessments, or are considering requesting a grade change. Students with further complaints regarding alleged unfair or improper grading at UoPeople and who are unable to reach a resolution with their Course Instructor may request a Grade Appeal form from their personal Program Advisor.