UnderGraduate catalog: 2023/24

Incomplete Grades

An incomplete grade “I” is a temporary grade that may be given at the instructor’s discretion, subject to approval by the Department Chair, to a student who needs additional time to complete class assignments due to extenuating circumstances. The grade “I” (Incomplete) is used when a student needs additional time (up to four weeks) beyond the end of the semester to complete course work or exams. To qualify for an Incomplete grade the student must:

  • Provide documentation of the extenuating circumstances
  • Have a solid attendance record
  • Have completed approximately 75% or more of the work for the class
  • Not be failing the class
  • Have consulted with the instructor and have a viable plan to complete the coursework within the allotted four weeks. The request will contain a list of work products the learner must complete and submit to their instructor.

Assignments include but are not limited to papers, quizzes, tests, and projects. Assignments do not include discussion board responses or other work products that may not be completed independently.

Instructors are not authorized to extend the time for completion of course work without the Department Chair’s approval. If an “I” is warranted, the student should request an Incomplete Grade Form from their Program Advisor and then submit the Request for an Incomplete Grade form to the instructor, who forwards it to the Department Chair.

An “I” does not affect the GPA and is replaced by the final grade, which is submitted by the instructor after the student completes the remaining work.

  1. If the “I” grade request is not received by the last day of the course, the learner will be graded based on the work that they submitted through the last day of the course.
  2. The deadline for completing any remaining course work is four weeks from the end of the term.
  3. The instructor will submit a Faculty Grade Change Request issuing a grade for any work the learner submitted up until the deadline.